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Front page: Alejandro Luna Barberena
Typography: Editorial Patria, S.A. de C.V. Ismael Torres.
Editorial care: Ma Eugenia Carrillo.
Be better
1995 Alejandro Luna Erreguerena
Under the seal of Promexa
Renaissance 180, Colonia San Juan Tlihuaca
Delegation Azcapotzalco, CP 02400, Mexico, DF
Member of National Chamber of the Publishing Industry.
Registration no. 046
ISBN 968-39-1256-7
The presentation and available in whole and each page
Sé are best property editor. It is strictly
prohibited the partial or total reproduction of this work by any
electronic system or method, including photocopying, without
strict permission of the publisher.
Printed in Mexico
Printed in Mexico
First edition: 1995
First Reprint: 1996
Digital Edition: 2014